10 Years and Counting (2008)

On Friday and Saturday, June 20th and 21st, 2008, the Toy Museum hosted the 10th Annual Marx Convention. Despite this summer’s record gas prices, attendance and tableholder numbers both matched last year’s totals. And some special surprises were in store for the 10th! First of all, each registered attendee received a special 10th aniversary suncatcher, made by local glass manufacturer Wilkerson Glass of Moundsville, WV. Many interesting things were shown at the annual show and tell (some of which are shown here). And a special treat, a select group of attendees was able to take a tour of Wheeling’s own Iron Bay Model Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of flyable model aircraft AND a 21st century military equipment designer. We weren’t able to take photos there, but those who attended were truly amazed! Also, special honors were given out to folks instrumental in running these conventions, including four awards to the four attendees who have been at all 10 conventions: Al Schindler, Kerry Dunable, George Kroll, and Gary Lyons! We’re already looking forward to 2009, when the convention will take place on June 26th & 27TH!