1 month 2 conventions great fun had by all

The Month of June has been a busy time for the Museum.

June first saw the deployment of G.I. Joe as a 6 month temporary display.  G.I. has moved in and taken over the guard of the 2nd floor lobby.  This display will run until December 31st with a  shift change occurring midway through to keep the cases fresh.

The annual Mego Meet was held at the Museum on June 7th and 8th.  These articulate action figures have quite the following and collectors swapped parts and unique custom made figures during the show!

The Museum also hosted the 15th Annual Marx Toy and Train Collectors Convention on June 21st and 22nd.  Our vendors showcased various toys, trains, play sets, dollhouses, and so much more for sale.  The 2014 Convention will also be held at the Museum.

Both events were huge successes and we are proud to announce that we will also be hosting them in 2014!


Marx 2013 group photo