Maintenance in July

The month of July saw 2 unexpected maintenance issues at the museum.

o guage update

We thank everyone who was patient with us during this time and we hope that regardless you still had a wonderful time while visiting.  The first was that during several days we were without Air Conditioning on the 2nd level of the museum.  Even with all of our fans running it did get a little warm, but the problem has been fixed and the museum is back to it’s comfortable room temp of 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our second unscheduled maintenance occurred when a major wiring issue with our O-gauge layout made itself apparent. The issue was with a bad insulator, which required the layout to need the entire outside track to be replaced. The maintenance lasted about 1 week, but the trains have been running smoothly since, and this also allowed for some new scenery to be put into place around the new track and the existing track work.  The museum does hope to do a more in-depth update to the O-gauge layout in the future (but this update will be a scheduled maintenance plan)