Eibel Corporation

The Eibel Corporation was formed on March 18, 1997, with the expressed purpose of purchasing the property at 144 Kruger Street in Wheeling, West Virginia and developing that property into a toy and train museum. The Eibel Corporation was incorporated on May 9, 1997, and officially became a West Virginia Corporation.

The founders of the Eibel corporation were Allan Raymond Miller, who serves as president and served as the full-time curator of the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum from 1997-2009; Leona Ann Miller, who serves as the Corporation’s secretary/treasurer; and Allan Robert Miller, who is our chairman of the board of directors. All involved are residents of Wheeling, West Virginia.

As our philosophy states, “We at the Eibel Corporation truly believe that all of us are children at heart. We created this Museum to help you find that child within and make good memories that last forever.”