The Ohio Valley Room

This room is to show the many features of the Ohio Valley. It is our tribute to the city in which we are located and the many different unique attributes that can be found here.

  • City Of Wheeling Model
    • This was built in 2000 for the Victorian Outlet Mall Project, but is an accurate model of Downtown Wheeling.
  • Wheeling Decorating (cabinets in the front of room)
    • Made many fine dining plates and accents. Some of the China was made just for the Presidents. In fact 4 Presidents used china created for them by the Wheeling Decorating.
  • Jamboree USA (2nd cabinet on left)
    • The Jamboree consisted of many classic music stars who would play shows at the Capitol Music Hall located in downtown Wheeling.
  • Marsh Wheeling Stogies and Mail Pouch Tobacco (3rd cabinet on left)
    • Two companies with tobacco that started here in the Wheeling Area. This was the last stop before heading into the Western Frontier and people would load up on the Wheeling Tobacco. Also, many Western Stars smoked Marsh Stogies in their movies, since they had the authentic look of a real cigar from that period.
  • Steel Works (back left right hand corner)
    • The steel industry is very well known in the Wheeling Area. In fact Wheeling Steel was able to take over Pittsburgh Steel in the 1950’s.
    • In this case is a model of the over 5 feet tall steel maker who stands in Steubenville, Ohio. This model, as well as the real statue, were created in the Centre Foundry factory which is located just north of here in Warwood.
  • Chuck Yeager (back right hand corner)
    • The first man to break the sound barrier, he was born and raised in West Virginia
  • Millie Upton’s Doll House (in the right corner of the room)
    • Victorian Style home with period style furnishings. It used to be a display in Upton Gifts.