Our entire main floor is devoted to our toys. These beloved toys range from every generation and we are certain that every visitor will relish the opportunity to explore each room as they rediscover toys they had (or wished they had)! We have four restored classrooms that serve as the backdrop to display our toys and exhibits. Let us be your guide through countless memories or you are welcome to explore the museum at your own pace.



In our front lobby you will be treated to a Lego layout; complete with a functioning Lego train, that encompasses numerous Lego® lines. We also have a working old-fashioned Nickelodeon on display. Simply put in a quarter and you will be entertained as the piano plays itself.



The first things you will notice as you enter our Doll Room will be the unique dollhouses on display. The largest of these is the Upton Dollhouse. Previously on display in Upton Gifts on National Road in Wheeling; this beautiful piece is a wonderful addition to our collection. Surrounding the tops of the cases you will see just a sampling of the variety of dollhouses available over the years. In the cases you will see models that are made of cardboard, vinyl, metal, and plastic. You will also see child sized versions of stoves (including the Easy-Bake Oven), irons, typewriters, and even clocks.


As you explore this room you will see Barbie through the generations, other fashion dolls such as Dusty, Tammy, and Sindy (her popularity in Europe is comparable to Barbie in America). Modern dolls such as Disney characters and Bratz are also on display. Other characters to call this room home are Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Sesame Street, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids, and so many more. Raggedy Ann and Andy have a case in this room along with other rag dolls and enduring rubber dolls.



You’ll have to look closely in this room just to see it all. We have miniatures of soldiers, birds, animals, Presidents, royalty, fairy tale characters, Disney creations, and so many more. Many of these miniatures were hand painted and they were made of different types of materials (such as plastic and metal). Our playsets are just as varied with selections from farms, dinosaurs, boats, and even Alaska. The most popular playsets were always forts, battlefields, and popular culture representations (such as Zorro or Dodge City). We also have the very popular Johnny West and Best of the West series of figures on display.


Popular characters such as Garfield, Betty Boop, PokeMon, the Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Peanuts, and many more call this room home. Action figures are on display in here as well. These include Star Wars and Star Trek and superheroes from both Marvel and DC. Television and movie icons on display in here include the Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers, the Dukes of Hazzards, Happy Days, Charlie’s Angels, the Archies, and many more. This room features some of our Mego figures on display as well including Action Jackson and Planet of the Apes.



This room is home to Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars as well as vehicles of many different sizes, types, and brands. On display we have Hess trucks, many Marx vehicles, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, and Micro Machines.


As you browse through the displays you will see playsets devoted to space exploration such as shuttle launches and moon bases. Also featured are airport playsets and sea adventures. Numerous different combat toys are also on display such as tanks, artillery guns, Jeeps, and convoy pieces.



Upon entering the Game Room you will be greeted by the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots and their many incarnations. This room features many different types and styles of games on display such as Pinball games, shooting galleries, games of skill, and even puzzles. These games vary from one player to multi player. We have on display the Rubik’s Cube and Simon (games that still boggle the mind) right next to puzzles of different varieties. We also showcase video game systems (consoles, plug-ins, and hand-helds) ranging from Atari, Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, and others.


Classic games on display include Clue, Monopoly, The Game of Life, Careers, Mouse Trap, Battleship, Hang-Man, Stratego, and so many more. These games have endured through generations to become family games. We also have preschool classics such as Candyland, Cooties, Chutes & Ladders, and Hi-Ho! Cherry-O! on display. Dice games such as Yahtzee and Kismet are in these cases along with card games such as Pokemon. Traditional games such as Checkers, Chess, Chinese Checkers, Domino’s, and many others are also on display in this room.



K-Land is an attraction on display on our Upper Floor. This room features an entire K’Nex® amusement park that is made from over 250,000 individual pieces connected without any structural glue. Taking over 7,000 man hours to complete; K-Land consists of roller coasters, rides, and even people waiting in line and interacting with the park on a miniature level. This room has over 8,000 LED lights placed throughout to give the attraction both night and day appearances.