Train Room

This room features trains by Marx, Lionel, American Flyer and others. This room is mainly miniatures but there are also real railway artifacts.

  • Coal Hot Water Heater (on floor as you enter)
    • This piece is from the actual rail system and was used as a heater for the rail crew for cooking and also a shower if need be. While it did not hold a lot of water it would be sufficient to get the job done.
    • Also, along the top of the shelves are many real artifacts that were used on the railways. This also includes the male and female spittoons that could be found in places other than just the railways.
    • Examples of different size train gauges (on the wall to the right (above the Water heater))
    • This is just to show the most popular gauges in model trains
  • Standard gauge trains (1st cabinet on right)
    • Lionel, American Flyer and Ives.
  • O-gauge (2nd and 3rd cabinets)
    • 3 rail trains, the center rail was used as the power source
  • S-gauge (4th cabinet)
    • American Flyer was the only company to make this gauge.
    • S-gauge is a two rail train that was designed to give a more realistic look.
  • Lift bridge (on the back wall, towards the right hand side)
    • Originally created in 1950 as an all metal bridge. These types of bridges were used over rivers so the bridge could be lifted and the boat could pass underneath. This bridge was not put into production until 1992.
  • Post War Lionel (on the left wall)
    • These are the trains that many of the baby boomers will remember playing with.
  • Scale Trains (on the left wall, 2nd cabinet from front wall)
    • These are the very high end of the train collections. These are actual scale models that have all of the real moving features of the actual trains.
  • Accessories (left hand front corner)
    • Without the accessories trains would not be nearly as fun. The lights and whistles and movement are what bring the trains to life.
  • Marx Trains (along the front wall)
    • Marx created a variety of different sizes and styles of trains
    • O-Gauge Layout (at the top of the steps turn left (on the right if looking down steps))
    • Located around the train layout you will notice buttons, please push the buttons and find out what they control.


 2 train Layouts

An HO Gauge and an O Gauge

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Slot Car layout

(you drive the cars)

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  • K-LAND is our newest addition at the Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum.
  •  This highly anticipated amusement park is filled with rides and attractions (look closely and you’ll even see people waiting in line for the rides!)
  •  While some of these attractions are built from K’NEX® kits; we are also displaying one of a kind coasters created from the imaginations of our engineers. Can you tell the difference? Can you spot which coasters are modeled off of real life rides?
  •  K-LAND consists of well over 250,000 individual pieces that are properly connected (NO STRUCTURAL GLUE WAS USED AT ANY TIME)!
  •  There are more than 7,000 man hours invested in the creation and building of K-LAND!
  •  This includes the placement of over 8,000 LED lights to create both night and day viewing experiences!

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