The Boxcar Children

For many years now, teachers have introduced their beginning readers to the wonderful series of books by Gertrude Chandler Warner called “The Boxcar Children”. The series of stories, nineteen in all, are exciting stories that are both easy and fun to read.

Central to the theme of the books is the independence and resourcefulness of the Alden children (Henry, Jessie, Violet & Benny), and their solid New England devotion to using up and making do. Young readers also delight in the fact that the Aldens go about most of their adventures with as little adult supervision as possible. But do your students REALLY know what a boxcar is?

We at the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum have come up with a unique and interesting program for the fans of the Boxcar Children! When you visit the museum, you will not only tour the museum, seeing and hearing about the toys of the past, along with the culture and heritage which they showcase, but we will also add in several unique experiences for the students!

  • First, we will teach them about the history of the boxcar itself, using models of train cars from various eras to show how and why these railroad cars were invented!
  • Then, students will have an opportunity to decorate and make their OWN boxcar model, to take home with them!
  • Lastly, students will be able to see the inside of an actual railroad caboose, and learn about how these cars were used by the railroad. In this way, students will better grasp the concept of the size of a railcar, and exactly what the Alden children would have experienced in their adventures.

It all will make for a fun and educational morning or afternoon with your students at the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum!

We can also accommodate a bag lunch (you bring your own lunches, we do have a soda machine onsite if you wish, or bring milk/drinks, and we can refrigerate your lunches for you while you participate in the program) in one of the rooms on the ground level of the museum, so that a separate meal stop on your fieldtrip will not be necessary.

Grade Level/Target Audience, “The Boxcar Children”:

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade, any state

This program is targeted at early readers who have or will have exposure to the “Boxcar Children” series of books. It would be appropriate for Kindergarten through 2nd grade students. There is, however, no prior knowledge needed, so we can do this program for students, teachers and classes unfamiliar with this series of books, as well.