The Mountains Made Me Do It

  • Students will learn about transportation in West Virginia and surrounding areas, using transportation toys to explore various methods of transport.
  • Students will explore advances in communication, and how they interrelate to advancements in transportation, settlement, industry, etc.
  • Using the operating train layouts at the museum, students will explore how transportation systems overcome natural geographic obstacles.
  • Students will see how and why certain occupations arose in the Ohio Valley (WV, OH and PA) due to the people, geography, and resources present here.
  • Students will each make their own folk art toy, similar to the toys made by earlier residents of the Ohio Valley. Each will be able to take their toy home with them.

This program will take about a half day for your students to complete, so it can be done either in the morning or afternoon. The Toy Museum has an area where your students can have a bag lunch that they bring, and we also have refrigeration capacity, so that you will not need to make a separate lunch stop on your fieldtrip.

Target Grade Level/Audience

West Virginia Content Standards and Objectives addressed (4th-WV Studies):

  • SS.WV.3.1 Identify the effect of natural resources and geographic features upon the economic development of West Virginia.
  • SS.WV.3.1 Identify the effect of natural resources and geographic features upon the economic development of West Virginia.
  • SS.WV.3.2 Identify the major occupations of people in the private and public sectors of West Virginia.
  • SS.WV.4.4 Analyze the impact of West Virginia’s geography on transportation, settlement, jobs, clothing, food, shelter, services and interaction with the outside world.
  • SS.WV.4.8 Explore West Virginia’s population, products, resources, transportation, state parks, forests, and scenic/recreational resources.

Ohio 3-5 Social Studies Benchmarks addressed:

  • History Benchmark C: Explain how new developments led to the growth of the United States.
  • Geography Benchmark D: Analyze ways that transportation and communication relate to patterns of settlement and economic activity.

Ohio most appropriate for Grade 3 OR Grade 5; academic content standards addressed:

  • Grade 3 History #3: Describe changes in the community over time including changes in (a) businesses, (b) architecture, (d) employment, (f) transportation, (i) recreation.
  • Grade 3 Geography #8: Identify systems of transportation used to move people and products and systems of communication used to move ideas from place to place.
  • Grade 5 History #6: Explain the impact of settlement, industrialization and transportation on the expansion of the United States.