Moving Through the Valley

  • Students will observe and analyze the interlinked evolutions of industry and transportation systems in the Ohio Valley. – Students will observe the effects of competition on the evolution of the American toy industry.
  • Using our “Prototype Room” and other museum artifacts, students will see the steps involved in taking a toy from idea to completed and marketed product.
  • In an activity we call “Get from Here to There”, students will devise a plan of action to move a product from point A to point B, taking into account factors of geography, time period to move the product, and cost.
  • In an activity we call “Transportation Timeline”, students take toys and models representing various transportation systems and equipment, and will order them from oldest to most modern. They will also look into the advantages and disadvantages of the various transportation systems.

This program will take about a half day for your students to complete, so it can be done either in the morning or afternoon. The Toy Museum has an area where your students can have a bag lunch that they bring, and we also have refrigeration capacity, so that you will not need to make a separate lunch stop on your fieldtrip.

Target Grade Level/Audience

West Virginia Content Standards and Objectives addressed (6th Grade):

  • SS.6.3.2 Demonstrate an understanding that competition among sellers results in lower prices.
  • SS.6.3.4 Explain and outline the steps in producing and marketing goods.
  • SS.6.4.6 Draw conclusions about the effects of geography on transportation, culture, economic activities, population density and distribution.
  • SS.6.4.10 Examine changes in the commercial form and function of urban areas in different regions as they moved from agricultural centers to trade centers to industrial centers.
  • SS.6.5.8 Identify major historical events in the development of transportation systems.

Ohio 3-5 and 6-8 Social Studies Benchmarks addressed:

  • 3-5 History Benchmark C: Explain how new developments led to the growth of the United States.
  • 6-8 Geography Benchmark C: Explain how the environment influences the way people live in different places and the consequences of modifying the environment.

Ohio most appropriate for Grade 5 OR Grade 8; academic content standards addressed:

  • Grade 5 History #6: Explain the impact of settlement, industrialization and transportation on the expansion of the United States.
  • Grade 8 Geography #1: Compare places and regions in the US as they existed prior to 1877 with the same places and regions today to analyze changes in land use and population, political, social and economic characteristics.
  • Grade 8 Geography #2: Analyze how physical characteristics of the environment influenced population distribution, settlement patterns and economic activities in the US during the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Grade 8 Geography #3: Explain how colonization, westward expansion, immigration and advances in transportation and communication changed geographic patterns in the US.