Proud to be an American

  • Students will learn the history of flags of the United States, using a flag display here at the museum.
  • They will look at the use of patriotic themes and symbols in toys (both American and foreign).
  • Students will identify occupations in the Ohio Valley, both past and present, using our City of Wheeling display and Ohio Valley Room as backdrops and visual aids.
  • Using the historical artifacts in the museum (toys and otherwise), students will explore the history of the Ohio Valley, its people, and its contributions to America as a whole.
  • As a craft activity, students will have an opportunity to make a flag of their own (a collage, actually) to represent things important in their lives. They will be able to take these with them for home or their classroom.
  • As a wrap-up activity, students will visit our operating O gauge train layout and look for and identify patriotic symbols used on the layout.

This program will be a fun and educational morning or afternoon for your kindergarten students at the Toy Museum! Facilities are also available onsite for you to have a bag lunch that you bring, should you not wish to take your students to a separate stop for lunch.

Target Grade Level/Audience and related instructional goals, “Proud to be an American”:

West Virginia Content Standards & Objectives addressed (Kindergarten):

  • SS.K.2.3 Identify traditional patriotic symbols such as state and national flags and be given the opportunity to participate in patriotic activities such as standing for the National Anthem.
  • SS.K.3.1 Identify occupations within the local community.
  • SS.K.5.4 Explore the past through stories of people, heroes, pictures songs, holidays, customs, traditions and legends.

Ohio K-2 Social Studies Benchmarks addressed:

  • Government Benchmark B: Recognize and explain the importance of symbols and landmarks of the United States.
  • Skills and Methods Benchmark A: Obtain information from oral, visual, print, and electronic sources.

Ohio: most appropriate for Kindergarten; academic content standards addressed:

  • Government #2: Recognize symbols of the United States that represent its democracy and values, including a. the national flag.