The Tour de Force

  • Students will take an in-depth look at tourism in West Virginia. – Students will analyze the interrelationship between transportation, geography and tourism.
  • Students will be introduced to famous people in WV history who are now the focus of heritage tourism sites and attractions.
  • In an activity we call “Traveling Man”, students working in small groups will design an itinerary through WV that will include an airline trip, train trip, driving a scenic byway, and some sort of river activity.
  • In an activity called “West Virginia History Sampler”, students will design an itinerary for a trip to five (5) historical sites in WV that best showcase our rich and diverse history for them. Groups will each present their itinerary to the class as a whole. (This activity can also be extended if the teacher wishes, by having the student groups design a collage or poster about the 5 sites to use in their presentation)

This program will take about a half day for your students to complete, so it can be done either in the morning or afternoon. The Toy Museum has an area where your students can have a bag lunch that they bring, and we also have refrigeration capacity, so that you will not need to make a separate lunch stop on your fieldtrip.

Target Grade Level/Audience

West Virginia Content Standards and Objectives addressed (8th Grade):

  • SS.8.3.13 Describe the economic benefit of changing tourist attractions from seasonal to year round.
  • SS.8.4.8 Cite reasons for the development of the WV transportation system.
  • SS.8.4.15 Identify the eight tourist regions of West Virginia.
  • SS.8.4.16 Explain how West Virginia’s environment affects tourism.
  • SS.8.5.14 Identify men & women in WV who have made significant contributions to our history in the public &/or private sectors.
  • SS.8.5.17 Identify and locate places of historical importance in West Virginia that can be visited by tourists.

Ohio: while this program was not set up to specifically target any of the Ohio Social Studies Benchmarks and Indicators, it would be an excellent program for high school level students in elective courses which are exploring economic development, historical preservation, tourism or the hospitality industry.