The Travel West Virginia

During their visit to the Toy Museum, students will receive a “behind the scenes” tour of the facility. They will be able to see how the museum functions on many levels!

  • We will look at how the museum operates, how displays are designed and organized, and how the facility was laid out to handle tourist operations.
  • Marketing and promotions will be examined, along with tracking of results of these efforts.
  • We will explore how the museum tries to target specific audiences, and how we try to insure that visitors to the museum enjoy the experience and become a positive marketing influence in and of themselves.
  • We will compare and contrast the preservation/historical and entertainment goals of the museum.
  • Lastly, since the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum is a PRIVATE enterprise and not a public facility, we will also look at the business side of the endeavor, and see how private operations must look at additions, changes, and modifications from a cost/benefit perspective.

Your students will need a half day for this program, and it can be done either in the morning or afternoon. There is space here at the museum for your students to have a bag lunch that they bring with them, and we also have refrigerated storage for the lunches, so that an additional meal stop on your fieldtrip would not be necessary.

Target Grade Level/Audience

West Virginia Content Standards and Objectives addressed (HS elective: Travel West Virginia Course):

  • 7663.2.5 Students will evaluate misconceptions about tourism.
  • 7663.2.6 Students will interpret data regarding tourism in West Virginia.
  • 7663.2.8 Students will define target markets.
  • 7663.2.9 Students will list target markets for tourism and compare/contrast each.
  • 7663.2.10 Students will evaluate the importance of preservation.
  • 7663.4.3 Students will explain how a hobby can become a career.
  • 7663.4.7 Students will identify personal traits that are necessary for a successful career in the hospitality industry.
  • 7663.6.8 Students will give examples of historical structures that have been used for economic development.
  • 7663.7.5 Students will evaluate the factors that make tourism a product or a service.
  • 7663.7.10 Students will explain the role promotion plays in marketing.

Ohio: While this program is set up to specifically address the needs of the Travel West Virginia elective course offered by many West Virginia high schools, it would be an excellent experience for any high school level students in a course which would explore tourism and/or the hospitality industry.