Fun Facts with Mr. Miller

Did we have dinosaurs and monsters here in the local area? You betcha!!

The world’s largest locomotive, just now put back on the steam- the famous “Big Boy” of the Union Pacific Railroad with a wheel assignment of 4-8-8-4 and 132 feet long. Well guess what, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad can boast about their EM-1 clocking in at 125.8 feet depending on what tender they were using at the time.

Big Boy


132’ to 132’10”

125’ 3 5/8”

1,208,750 lbs. total weight

1,010,700 lbs.

Built by American Locomotive Co

Built by Balwin Loco Works

They built 25

#’s 650-679


650-669 = 1944

670-679 = 1945

135,375 lbs. Tractive Effort

115,000 Tractive Power

This brute of a monster was so large, they could only use it from the Benwood, WV yards up to the Great Lakes pulling coal drags.

Yes, we have the Big Boy in HO brass and Lionel “O” gauge. As for the EM-1, it is in “O” gauge Lionel. All are in the train rooms on the third floor of the museum.

If you have any personal information you would like to share with us, please feel free to do so – I AM SERIOUS. Let’s all get involved to make this a new endeavor of the local area, the success that has been too long over looked to date.

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