Fun Facts with Mr. Miller

What does Wheeling, Parkersburg and Pittsburgh have in common? The B&O Caboose #2019, also known as the “Wheeling Caboose.”

It was built in 1920 and went to the B&O in 1922. Then spent its working life on freight and coal trains until 1980 when it came to Wheeling to be used for different venues such as an office for the boat “The Valley Voyager” cruises on the Ohio River.

There was an event while the caboose was located on the waterfront where an individual set it on fire. This forced the city of Wheeling to install metal bars on its windows.

Well guess what, the museum purchased #2019 from the city of Wheeling to save it from being sold for scrap iron.

Yes, we have restored #2019 and you can rent it to sleep in overnight. What a once in a lifetime experience you can now enjoy.

It sleeps 4 adults and one child

The lights flicker as if lit by oil.

If all kids, there must be an adult with them

Now you will have the use of our special Caboose room located in the museum. More about that later

Access to the entire museum while it is open to the public

This special Caboose room contains an extensive library of several hundred hard backed books about the real railroad. Artifacts connected to the industry, a child’s play area. And you have your own shower, sink, and toilet.

If this doesn’t spark your interest, you better check in next door. Yes, they even have carry out service, hee hee.

Always feel free to contact the Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum at 144 Kruger Street, Wheeling, WV; (304) 242-8133, or

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